About Gracies Gear


About Gracie

Lauren Grace Updyke, President and founder of Gracie’s Gear is creator of the innovative POWER POUCH™ pocket sports bra and tank. Gracie, was training for her first marathon when the inspiration for the POWER POUCH™ pocket bra was born. Not wanting to impede her stride by putting a packet of energy gel into the pocket of her running shorts, Gracie placed the packet into the straps of her sports bra. By the end of her long run, it was painfully obvious a more comfortable and convenient solution was needed. Gracie’s Gear is designed to offer comfort and convenience for the active woman. Our mission is to provide products and services that encourage women of all fitness levels to become active and stay active. From our fitness apparel to our training approach, we aspire to eliminate barriers to exercise while inspiring all women to find their inner athlete.

Despite the vast selection of fitness apparel and accessories available on the market, conversations with other female runners confirmed the need for a secure and easy-to-access place that could hold a variety of workout essentials, from keys and MP3 players to energy gel and first aid items.

Through her experience as a college long distance runner and as a professional exercise physiologist, Gracie understood the importance of developing something that wouldn’t cause chafing or weigh her down during a workout or competition.

In search of a solution, Gracie set to work on her first design and in collaboration with her mother’s knack for sewing, the first POWER POUCH™ pocket sports bra was produced. Countless hours and product samples later, Gracie’s Gear was successfully launched in 2006.

Gracie’s Gear has now been seen or featured in hundreds of newspapers, blogs, magazines and TV appearances around the country including Runners World, Running Times, Shape, Oxygen, Irun, Boston Herald, and LA Times.

Enjoy your hands-free experience!